• Gary Sandy played "Andy Travis" on WKRP In Cincinnati
  • The WKRP actor is in his 70s today
  • This is what Gary Sandy has been up to recently

Over 40 years have passed since WKRP In Cincinnati went off the air. Fans will remember the radio station director "Andy Travis," who was played by actor Gary Sandy. Here's what the star has been up to since WKRP ended.

This is Gary Sandy from WKRP today

After WKRP In Cincinnati, the "Andy Travis" actor didn't land many big roles. He did guest star on a bunch of TV shows, but a five-episode run on The Young and the Restless in 2001 was his busiest screen role after.

For whatever reason, Gary Sandy never did appear on the 1990s revival series The New WKRP In Cincinnati with his former co-stars, either.

The truth was that Sandy actually moved to stage acting. Right after WKRP, he began to perform on Broadway and has been in a variety of shows and radio plays to this very day.

WKRP star Gary Sandy today

Otherwise, we last saw Gary Sandy in a few TV movies from 2004 and 2005. Despite it all, Sandy is still best known from WKRP today — a fact that somewhat irks the now 77-year-old.

In a 2021 interview, Sandy actually confessed: "Does it bother me that I'm known today for a 1970s TV series? Absolutely."

Also interesting:

The actor admitted he was more interested in "big movies and shows," but he did feel that WKRP "had great writing" and "was popular with lots of people." And it certainly did. 

Gary Sandy is among the few surviving WKRP In Cincinnati stars today.