• Yellowstone is heading into season 5
  • Little is known about the new season so far
  • A "John Dutton" romance is expected

Yellowstone fans are used to a few couples on the show. Of course, there is "Kayce" and "Monica," and "Beth" finally had her fittingly unconventional wedding with "Rip."

But what about "John"... and "Summer"? Heading into Yellowstone season 5, actress Piper Perabo has teased a big-time love story for none other than "John Dutton."

Yellowstone season 5: Love for "John Dutton"?

"John" (Kevin Costner) is the widowed patriarch of the "Dutton" family. He's been connected to a couple women over the years, including an unlikely fling with environmental activist "Summer Higgins."

Apparently, that romance will be back next season. "Summer" actress Piper Perabo recently told EW that: "The love story is kicking into gear on Yellowstone."

She explained: "I know a lot of people watch it for the cowboys and the ranch, but I watch it for the love story." The "Summer" star then added: "We're turning up the heat."

Piper Perabo plays "Summer Higgins" on Yellowstone

You'll remember that "Summer" is a good bit younger than "John," and their views of the world appear to diverge. Nevertheless, they found common ground and formed an unlikely connection.

Also interesting:

But "Summer" concluded the season behind bars, after a jealous "Beth" sabotaged her. "John" is doing all he can get her out, and he could use political leverage to free her if he wins his showdown with "Jamie."

Yellowstone season 5 begins shooting this spring and could premiere this fall or winter. Stay tuned for all the latest.