• Classic films that are watched around Christmas time have some mistakes
  • From Home Alone to the Grinch
  • Check them out in the video below

Movie mistakes have crept into so many popular Christmas classics. Here are a couple of them...

Did you notice that the Christmas tree that "Kevin" gets and drags behind him in the movie 'Home Alone' is a lot smaller than the one he later decorates at home?

Mistake in Mary Poppins

At the beginning of the movie, when "Mary Poppins" is sitting on the cloud, you can clearly see a string attached to her handbag.

During the opening credits of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', you can see "Willy Wonka" putting the golden tickets on the back of the chocolate bars.  However, when "Charlie" finds his ticket, it is on the front side.

Also Interesting:

We continue with a very famous green character. When the "Grinch" distributes letters to the residents of "Whoville", he clearly has only two in his hand at the beginning. When he drops the letters in the mailboxes, there are suddenly many more. 

Watch the video above for more movie mistakes...