• Zara McDermott is the host of the new TV series Love In The Flesh
  • The show follows young singles in their quest to find love
  • McDermott is a model and social media influencer

Love in the Flesh has officially kicked off, and Zara McDermott is happier than ever to celebrate the series's success! The show features a group of young and hot singles navigating love in a stunning villa, and they are ready to meet their matches!

Zara McDermott throws launch party

Zara McDermott isn't afraid to show off her success and throws a lavish party in her newly renovated flat with boyfriend and Made In Chelsea star, Sam Thompson. 

After airing the first episode last week, reception for the new BBC3 series has gone over swimmingly, and McDermott is thrilled to give us more steamy drama as the show continues!

"[I] just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported this show so far," she captioned her post. "I know so many of you are going to love it. I had such an incredible time making this show. It’s such an honour."

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The show, which features young 20-somethings locked away in a villa, gives viewers an inside look as to what happens when relationships start over social media. People in the villa have never met "in the flesh" before, but still have had some connection through their various platforms, and McDermott is determined to help the participants find a true in-person spark.

Episode 2 airs tonight, and fans can watch some intimate one-on-one dates that McDermott set up for the couples!