• Bill Maher is never outspoken
  • His opinion on the culture has rocked Hollywood
  • THIS is what he said

After a fiery interview that's setting the internet ablaze, comedian Bill Maher didn't hold back on his views about the political left, dating apps, and the state of communication between young men and women. Known for his sharp wit and controversial takes, Maher's latest comments during a CNN interview with Fareed Zakaria have fans and critics alike buzzing.

Maher Takes Aim at the Left

"I haven’t turned. Yes, people have said to me, ‘You make fun of the left more than you used to,’ and guilty, I have, because the left has changed," Maher declared, setting the tone for a no-filter critique of modern progressive politics.

From gender and race to free speech and health, Maher argued that the left's ideas have become increasingly outlandish. "Maybe we should give communism another try?

"There are things that have to do with, you know, gender and race and free speech, and just ideas about you can be healthy at any weight and gender is always a social construct and maybe we should give communism another try and maybe we should get rid of capitalism and the Border Patrol, and let’s tear down statues of Lincoln and get rid of the police. Just, you know — no. It’s not that I’ve gotten old, it’s that your ideas are stupid, OK?" Maher said. 

Maher didn't stop at politics. He ventured into the thorny terrain of modern dating, lamenting the impact of apps like Tinder on young men's ability to communicate with women. "I think this is going to be a very big problem," Maher opined, comparing Tinder to ordering from Grubhub and highlighting the poor odds men face on the platform.

"I think this is going to be a very big problem. I think young men thought it was a great thing when Tinder came along. Oh, my gosh, look, I don't even have to talk to a girl. It's all right here on my phone. I can just scroll through, like it's a menu, like I'm ordering from Grubhub. But the truth is that Tinder is mostly men. You know, it's like two-thirds of men who were on the site. So that's not good odds if you're a man," Maher said.

Maher has not become favorable toward Republicans simply because of his derision for the far-left. He has said presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump "only thinks elections count when we win" and strongly criticized the Republican Party for being anti-democratic and a threat to the country's future.

"You have to talk to them," Maher advised, stressing the importance of communication and courtship in a world where an eggplant emoji has become a lazy substitute for conversation.

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Despite his criticisms, Maher's interview wasn't without its lighter moments. His candid observations on the changing political and social landscape sparked laughter and nods of agreement from Zakaria.

The comedian's blunt assessments, delivered with his signature mix of humor and insight, underscore Maher's role as a provocative voice in American culture.