Actors Dan Blocker, Lorne Greene and Michael Langdon in the series 'Bonanza'.

"Jamie Hunter" and "Griff King" are still around!

'Bonanza' Stars Who Are Actually Still Alive!

We know Dan Blocker for his starring role as "Hoss Cartwright" in the long-running NBC television series Bonanza from 1959 until his death in 1972. Dan had four children and one of them happened to follow in his acting footsteps: Meet Dirk Blocker! Dirk was born on July 31st, 1957 in Hollywood. He earned his first regular TV role on Baa Baa Black Sheep from 1976 to 1978 playing the pilot "Jerry Bragg". 

Dirk Blocker's TV and Film Roles

Before that however, he started having guest roles in 1974 on popular shows like ER, Little House on the Prairie, The X-Files, Night Court, Murder, She Wrote, M*A*S*H, Doogie Howser, M.D., and more. Dirk also played a supporting role in Bonanza: The Return as a reporter named "Fenster". This role was not however the son of "Hoss Cartwright" (Dirk's father Dan Blocker). Dirk also had his fair share of movie roles including, Midnight Madness (1980), Raise the Titanic (1980), Prince of Darkness (1987), Mad City (1997) and many more. 

Dirk Blocker in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Dirk's most prominent role is on the small screen as "Detective Hitchcock" on Fox/NBC's comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He has starred alongside other actors like Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, Stephanie Beatriz and Terry Crews on the show since 2013. His partner in the series is played by actor Joel McKinnon Miller.

Dirk Blocker has been married to Danielle Aubuchon since 1990 and they have two children together. Dirk is very active on social media, often posting about upcoming episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We are so happy that one of the legendary "Hoss Cartwright's" children decided to take after their father in the entertainment industry!