• Olivia Munn underwent a double mastectomy
  • After a bilateral cancer diagnosis 
  • She opens up

Last year, Olivia Munn, the acclaimed actress known for her dynamic roles and vibrant presence on screen, faced a reality far removed from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Anticipating the start of a new sci-fi film in Germany, Munn instead embarked on a harrowing journey against stage 1 invasive breast cancer. The diagnosis came unexpectedly during a routine pap smear when her ob-gyn decided to calculate her lifetime breast cancer risk score.

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Olivia Munn's journey: Decisions, surgery, and unwavering support

Within a month, Munn underwent a lymph node dissection, a nipple delay procedure, and a double mastectomy. "There's so much information and you're making these huge decisions for the rest of your life," Munn shared with 'PEOPLE,' revealing the emotional and physical toll of her diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

Waking up from a 10-hour surgery, Munn found solace in a photo of her then 1-year-old son, Malcolm, placed by her bedside by her partner, John Mulaney. Despite the discovery of additional preinvasive cancer, Munn found peace in her decision for surgery, supported unwaveringly by Mulaney and their son.

Recovery and reflection

Returning home, Munn faced the challenge of recovery, unable to pick up her baby but grateful for Mulaney's care. The post-surgical reality hit hard upon seeing her transformed body for the first time. Yet, following reconstructive surgery and the start of hormone suppression therapy, Munn has embraced her new normal, focusing on her health, her family, and raising awareness for breast cancer.

Munn's experience has ignited a passion for advocacy, urging women to advocate for their health. Her story is a testament to resilience, love, and the importance of early detection. As Munn adjusts to life post-cancer, her focus remains on her son Malcolm and on empowering women with the knowledge to fight breast cancer.

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