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Nev is not so gullible anymore.

Victim to Detective: MTV's Nev Schulman Helps Others in Catfish: The TV Show

Nev Schulman's brother Ariel debuted the 2010 documentary Catfish at the Sundance Film Festival not knowing what a success it would be. The film followed Nev throughout his journey to find out who he was in an online romance with.

Plot twist! It was not the sexy young photographer he thought it was! It was a middle-aged mom pretending to be a dozen different people to fool Nev into a relationship. Ever since he was swindled, Nev made it his duty to help others just like him in the smash success Catfish: The TV Show.

MTV Hit Show Catfish

Over 100 episodes later, the MTV show is still popular! Nev and his co-hosts find people being catfished online and do their best to find the real person behind the fishy online personas. Usually, the online Romeo and Juliet's are not who they say they are but every once in a while Nev jumps for joy when they find the Catfish telling the truth after all. We haven't seen any new episodes since 2019 however... 

Catfish: The TV Show hosts Max Joseph and Nev Schulman.

MTV's Host, Nev Schulman Today

In 2017, Nev married girlfriend Laura Perlongo, and the two have had 2 gorgeous little babies since then. Sometimes Laura even helps hunt down the catfish on her husband's show! Nev and Laura work together promoting charities and speaking out on topics important to them, such as paternity leave.

Nev has a few spin-off shows he is working on like True Life: Crime that deep dives into infamous true crime stories across the US. Most recently, Nev was a contestant on season 29 of Dancing with the Stars! Whatever he does, we'll be sure to be watching!

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