• King Frederik and Queen Mary make first appearance since accession
  • The Danish royals showcase unity with a balcony kiss
  • Silencing infidelity rumors

In a tale that's got more twists than a royal crown, King Frederik (55) and Queen Mary (51) of Denmark have given us a balcony scene straight out of a fairy tale! The newly crowned monarchs celebrated their ascent to the throne with a public display of affection that's got everyone talking.

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Just as Queen Margrethe hung up her royal gloves, her son stepped up to the plate, and boy, did he make an entrance! With the prime minister's blessing, Frederik took to the balcony of Christiansborg Castle, not just with a crown on his head but with love in his eyes. After his speech, he was joined by his leading lady, Queen Mary, and their four mini-royals, to greet the adoring masses.

But wait for it... amidst the waving, King Frederik and his queen shared a kiss that sent the crowd into a frenzy! It was a smooch heard 'round the kingdom, folks!

Scandal? What Scandal?

It wasn't all smiles and kisses, though. King Frederik got all misty-eyed during the balcony spectacle. And when Queen Mary stepped up, she clutched his hands like they were the royal jewels themselves. Talk about a gripping scene!

(240115) -- COPENHAGEN, Jan. 15, 2024 -- Denmark s newly proclaimed King Frederik X(L) and Queen Mary wave on the balcon

Let's not forget the elephant in the room – those pesky infidelity rumors. Back in November, the gossip mills were churning out stories of Frederik's supposed fling with the glamorous Geneveva Casanova. But with a firm denial from Casanova and this latest show of unity, it looks like the royal couple is standing stronger than ever.

Some are even whispering that Queen Margrethe's shock abdication was a strategic move to glue her son's marriage back together. Phil Dampier, a royal commentator, suggests that keeping Mary in the fold was a top priority for the Queen, who sees her as a "tremendous asset."

An Aussie Queen

Let's not forget Queen Mary's unique story – from Aussie ad exec to Danish royalty! It all started with a casual chat at a Sydney pub during the 2000 Olympics. Little did she know, "Fred" was actually Prince Frederik, heir to a millennium-old throne. Fast forward through a secret long-distance love affair, a move to Copenhagen, and a language challenge, and voila – a fairytale wedding in 2004.

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So there you have it, folks – love, tears, and a kiss to seal the deal. King Frederik and Queen Mary are ready to rule, and we're all here for the royal ride!