• Henry Winkler is a screen veteran
  • He was recently in a fire drill in Ireland
  • It was quite a big deal for those involved

Winkler's humorous recount of the evacuation, his heartfelt praise for firefighters, and his adventurous spirit in Dublin make for a must-read story!

Imagine tuning into the evening news, expecting the usual updates, and there's Henry Winkler, the iconic 'Happy Days' actor, sharing his comedic take on a hotel evacuation! That's exactly what happened to Irish TV viewers when a fire broke out at the prestigious Shelbourne hotel in Dublin.

A Star-Studded Evacuation!

Winkler, known for his roles in 'Arrested Development', 'Parks & Recreation', and 'Barry', found himself amidst a real-life drama that could rival any TV script! Irish viewers watching news coverage on Wednesday night of a hotel fire were surprised to find themselves tuning in to an interview with a Hollywood legend.

"When I heard the fire alarm, I thought it was the clock radio – I thought somebody had set the alarm before we got there, like another guest," he told reporters, before putting on a comedy voice to explain how a member of staff cleared up the misunderstanding.

"The alarm sounded, and I thought it was just the clock radio," Winkler recounted with a chuckle. Mimicking the calm demeanor of the hotel staff, he added, "The woman said, 'Yes, we’re all evacuating, you must evacuate right now!'" The actor's light-hearted retelling of the harrowing moment brought smiles during a tense time.

As six fire engines roared to the scene, Winkler didn't miss a beat to express his admiration for the brave men and women fighting the flames. 

His genuine appreciation was a heartwarming highlight, reminding us of the everyday heroes among us.

Not the first time

Despite the scare, Winkler's spirits remained high. He took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a selfie with the firefighters, earning praise for his positivity. "It was an amazing adventure right here in Dublin," he said, eagerly anticipating the rest of his stay. The incident, while unexpected, showcased the actor's resilience and ability to find joy in the face of adversity.

"You know what? How wonderful! Firemen are some of my favourite human beings – firemen and firewomen. They run in when other people are running out. I think they deserve to be shook [by the hand]."

It isn’t the first time Winkler has stumbled into a TV news interview. In 2013, he was stopped on a street in south-west London by BBC News and asked for his thoughts on the construction of a third runway at Heathrow.

"Hello! I was going to ask you a question … are you a voter?" asked the interviewer, before realising that he was talking to the Fonz himself. "Do you have a view on … the plan to potentially expand Heathrow?"

"Richmond is a lovely place. I watch the planes go every day, I hear nothing," offered Winkler, who was appearing as "Captain Hook" in a local pantomime. "Im not a resident. I’m [living here temporarily]. It’s hard to commute when you’re doing two shows a day."

Also interesting:

Interestingly, this wasn't Winkler's first impromptu news interview. Back in 2013, he found himself discussing the expansion of Heathrow Airport with a BBC News reporter while in London.

Whether it's weighing in on local issues or evacuating from a hotel fire, Winkler handles every situation with grace and humor.