• Janelle Monáe wows at Soul Train Awards with show-stopping performance
  • Monáe performed her latest single "Float"
  • She also gave an inspirational speech

Subtitle: Janelle Monáe (38), electrifies the BET Soul Train Awards, winning the Spirit of Soul Award and delivering a powerful message of love and unity.

The BET Soul Train Awards were nothing short of spectacular, and the star of the night? None other than the multi-talented Janelle Monáe! The singer, actress, and fashion icon took the stage by storm, not just with a mesmerizing performance but also with a heartfelt acceptance speech that left the audience both inspired and in awe.

A floral spectacle

 Decked out in a vibrant flower cloak, Monáe kicked off the night with a bang, performing “Float” from their latest single, 'The Age of Pleasure.' But wait, there's more! The artist then seamlessly transitioned into their second act, “Champagne Sh*t,” turning the stage into a toast to life and resilience, with the audience raising their glasses in a collective cheer.

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Spirit of Soul honoree 

After their electric set, rap duo Bobbi LaNea and Folayan of Flyana Boss presented the 38-year-old powerhouse with the Spirit of Soul Award. In a speech that resonated with everyone present, Monáe paid homage to their family, spoke against systemic injustice, and expressed gratitude for being part of a community that celebrates the evolution of soul.

Soul Train Awards 2023 - Show

Monáe shared their grandmother's wise words, “Let the spirit use you, baby,” emphasizing the importance of humility, family, and community. The “Lipstick Lover” vowed to continue shining a light on their community through various forms of art, always bringing it back to the essence of Blackness and beauty.

Influences and a call to action

The speech wouldn't be complete without a nod to Monáe's icons, including the legendary Grace Jones, Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and the late Prince, whose words they echoed, “I’m not a woman. I’m not a man. I am something that you’ll never understand.”

Monáe didn't shy away from addressing systemic injustices and urged the audience to let love, kindness, empathy, and peace guide them towards creating a safer and more equitable world for all.

As the night concluded, Monáe's performance and speech were a testament to their indomitable spirit and the power of soul music. If you missed the magic, catch a glimpse of Janelle Monáe's unforgettable moment above and be inspired!