• Rumer Willis marvels at daughter's striking resemblance to grandpa Bruce Willis
  • The new mom shares the adorable scoop
  • Her baby Louetta looks adorable

It's all in the genes, folks! Rumer Willis (33) just can't stop beaming about her little bundle of joy, and guess what? Baby Louetta is her granddad's mini-me! At the star-studded opening of 'Love Actually Live' in Beverly Hills, Rumer spilled the beans to 'PEOPLE,' and we've got the adorable deets!

Bruce Willis 2.0?

"When she's all serious and judge-y, it's like Bruce Willis is back on 'Moonlighting'," Rumer exclaimed. That's right, the twinkling Willis eyes and that signature smirk – they're all there in six-month-old Louetta, courtesy of her rockstar parents Rumer Willis and musician Derek Richard Thomas.

Hot news:

The 'Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood' star is over the moon about celebrating the festive season with the newest Willis. "It's the best," she gushed. "A baby's laughter mixed with Christmas carols? Pure magic!" The Willis-Moore clan is all set for a holiday with extra sparkle, and baby Louetta's first Christmas stocking is ready and waiting!

Passing down the 'magic'

In a heart-to-heart with 'PEOPLE,' Rumer shared how the family's enchanting spirit is sure to live on in Louetta. "The magic in me? It's from my folks," she said, nodding to both Bruce Willis and Demi Moore (61). "And Louetta's got it too. Watching them together? It's like a love story in itself!"

Comedy Central Roast Of Bruce Willis - Red Carpet

The Willis charm is going strong, and we're all here for it! Stay tuned for more adorable updates from the Willis clan – because with a grandpa like Bruce and a mom like Rumer, little Louetta's bound to be a star!