• Jennifer Lawrence denies getting plastic surgery
  • The actress mentions the power of makeup
  • She had a chat with Kylie Jenner

Hollywood's darling Jennifer Lawrence (33) has a message for all the gossipmongers and rumor mills: her stunning transformation is all makeup, no scalpel! In a candid chat with beauty mogul Kylie Jenner for 'Interview Magazine,' the Oscar winner laughed off the whispers of going under the knife.

 Makeup magic over plastic surgery speculation

"Full plastic surgery overhaul? Please, it's all in the brush strokes!" Lawrence quipped, attributing her fresh look to the magical hands of her makeup artist, Hung Vanngo. Known for his lip overlining wizardry, Vanngo has had fans doing a double-take, convinced Lawrence had eye surgery. "No eye surgery here – just some killer makeup skills!" she asserted.

Saks Fifth Avenue Unveils 2023 Holiday Windows

The buzz around Lawrence's appearance hit fever pitch as she graced red carpets and fashion shows, flaunting her post-baby glow. From promoting her film "No Hard Feelings" to dazzling at the Cannes Film Festival, Lawrence has been the talk of the town. Her recent stints at the Christian Dior holiday window display and the 2023 WWD Honors only fanned the flames of speculation.

Jennifer Lawrence embraces natural changes

But Lawrence is setting the record straight. "I was a teen when I started, and now at 30, of course, my face has changed. It's called growing up, people!" she exclaimed, shutting down any nose job nonsense and crediting a slimmer face to natural weight loss.

Hot news:

Kylie Jenner (26), a mom of two, chimed in with her own experiences of public scrutiny. Despite admitting to lip fillers, Jenner finds it absurd to compare her pre-teen self to her current, contoured look. "You can't expect me to look like a 12-year-old forever!" Jenner laughed, dismissing ridiculous claims of jaw shaving and eyelid removal.

Jenner also reflected on her past decision to get breast augmentation at 19, a choice she now regrets. The duo's conversation highlighted the pressures of fame and the unrealistic expectations placed on women to maintain a perpetual youth.

So, there you have it, folks – Jennifer Lawrence's secret to looking fab isn't a top surgeon but a top makeup artist. And as for aging? She's embracing every wrinkle and laugh line with open arms and a touch of glam!