• Sebastian Stan is set to play Donald Trump 
  • A new movie has the actor taking on the famous role
  • THIS is what we know so far

Hollywood is buzzing with the latest casting scoop! Sebastian Stan, known for his magnetic roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the steamy series 'Pam & Tommy,' is gearing up to don the infamous suit and tie of a young Donald Trump in the highly anticipated film 'The Apprentice.'

Get ready for a cinematic journey through ambition, power, and the seductive dance of corruption!

Sebastian Stan like you've never seen him before

Stan's portrayal is set to capture the essence of Trump's early days, with Maria Bakalova stepping into the elegant shoes of the late Ivana Trump, a powerhouse in her own right. The film promises to peel back the layers of their high-profile partnership and tumultuous divorce, all while showcasing the opulence and drama of their real estate empire.

Adding to the star-studded cast, Jeremy Strong is confirmed to embody the notorious lawyer Roy Cohn, a figure of intrigue and controversy who played mentor to Trump. This role is sure to add another layer of intensity to Strong's already impressive portfolio, which includes his Emmy-winning performance in 'Succession.'

Directed by Ali Abbasi and produced by Amy Baer, 'The Apprentice' teases audiences with a tale of mentorship and the rise of an American dynasty set against a backdrop of moral ambiguity. The film promises to be a riveting exploration of what it takes to climb to the top in a world where the lines between right and wrong are blurred by ambition.

The cast also includes actor Maria Bakalova as Ivana Trump. According to the logline, the film is an exploration of power and ambition set in a world of corruption and deceit. It’s a mentor-protege story that charts the origins of an American dynasty.

Filled with larger than life characters, it reveals the moral and human cost of a culture defined by winners and losers. Fans are eagerly awaiting a release date, but the wheels are in motion as principal photography has commenced. With a storyline as tantalizing as this, 'The Apprentice' is poised to be a box office hit that will have viewers on the edge of their seats.

Also interesting:

This year, Stan received Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for 'Pam & Tommy.' His most recent MCU appearance as the hero came on the Disney+ series 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,' and he’s next due to star in 'The Thunderbolts' in 2025 as well.

The big announcement comes right before the American elections too! This will surely become a part of the political fodder of the day as the fight for power in the United States rages on, with many seeing Donald Trump as the obvious frontrunner to the election cycle.

After all, news of the project comes as the former POTUS stands trial in New York for fraud. Although currently under multiple indictments in multiple cases, the twice impeached Trump’s eyeing a return to the Oval Office as the current Republican frontrunner for 2024.

Stay tuned, folks, because this is one power struggle you won't want to miss!