• Donald Trump visited the Queen
  • Learn more about the infamous visit back in 2018
  • The late Queen was a trooper during the visit 

It's now been five years since Donald Trump... made his presence felt in the UK.

During his presidency, Trump made two State Visits to meet Queen Elizabeth II, the first in 2018 and then in 2019. But the now-disgraced ex-President made headlines for all the wrong reasons on the trips.

Donald Trump's UK visit with the Queen in 2018

These were divisive times, as some Britons—including London Mayor Sadiq Khan—protested the invite to the controversial American leader. But he and First Lady Melania Trump still attended.

Donald Trump shook hands with the Queen upon meeting her in 2019.

However, it quickly became clear that the Trumps didn't study the rules for meeting the Queen (which you can learn for yourself here) — or for meeting anyone, really.

Donald and Melania were nearly 15 minutes late to meet the-then 93-year-old Queen, who had to wait outside in the sweltering heat. When they arrived, they shook hands rather than bowing or curtsying to the British monarch, as is expected.

But perhaps the most memorable faux pas came when Trump joined the Queen to inspect the Guard of Honour assembled at Windsor Castle.

Donald Trump leads the Queen to inspect guard of honour in 2019.

Trump ended up awkwardly leading the Queen during the ceremonial inspection. She got stuck behind him, and it took her a few tries to catch up, one of which nearly resulted in a collision when Trump stopped walking.

(One can only imagine the headlines if they did collide and Trump knocked over the Queen...)

Fashion: Donald Trump's weird tuxedo from the UK trip

The fashion police also got on Trump for what was called a "sloppy" appearance while inspecting the Guard of Honour, with his undone jacket and trademark long tie.

Then, at the State Banquet held for Trump's 2019 visit, his tuxedo — and the Queen's seeming displeasure with it — went viral online. Here's the look, which featured long sleeves and either an unusually-long vest or an unusually-short jacket...

Donald Trump's tuxedo from his visit with Queen Elizabeth in 2019.

Despite Trump's indifference to etiquette, Queen Elizabeth was pictured smiling during other parts of the State Visit. Trump, likewise, speaks highly of the Queen and has bragged about meeting her when discussing the Royals.

Trump was the 13th US President to hold office during the Queen's historic reign, and she's met all of them across that time except for Lyndon B. Johnson.

In June 2021, the Queen hosted President Joe Biden after he defeated Trump in his bid for re-election. Biden's visit also wasn't without etiquette violations, however. You can click here to see where President Biden went wrong while meeting the Queen.

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