• David McCallum was best known as "Ducky" on 'NCIS'
  • He died last year at 90 years old
  • THIS is the latest show tribute to his character

But the current cast of the show has paid special tribute to his character in the latest episode...spoiler alert! In the episode "The Stories We Leave Behind" the death of his character, medical examiner "Donald 'Ducky' Mallard", is written into the show. And it's a tasteful send off to say the least!

David will always be missed on the show

Brian Dietzen, who plays "Dr. Jimmy Palmer", co-wrote the episode, which featured "Palmer" showing up at "Ducky’s" house with coffee, only to discover him in bed, having died in his sleep.

Also interesting:

Hollywood was still in the middle of the actors strike when McCallum died, but Dietzen told 'Variety' what was on their minds. He said the producers "knew immediately we wanted to do something to honor the person, but also, of course, the character within the universe"...

Watch the video above to learn more!