• Harry & Meghan are set to visit Nigeria
  • Their trip will have changes in the royal protocols this time
  • HERE is what will be different for them

In an unprecedented move that's got everyone talking, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the dynamic duo of the royal world, are gearing up for a visit that's anything but ordinary.

A Trip Filled with Cultural Celebrations

This month, the couple is set to embark on a journey to Nigeria, following Harry's attendance at the Invictus Games anniversary in the UK. But hold onto your hats because this trip is poised to defy expectations and maybe even a few royal protocols!

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has exciting plans to dive deep into Nigerian culture, celebrating the Invictus Games milestone with fervor. From participating in cultural festivals to engaging with service members and their families, Meghan's itinerary is packed with activities that promise to showcase a more relaxed and personal side of the Sussexes.

But here's the kicker - experts hint that the couple might just "break major royal protocol" during their visit. Scandalous, right?

According to PR guru Mayah Riaz, this trip is expected to be low-key, resembling more of an "unofficial visit." This approach allows Harry and Meghan to keep a lower profile while still making a significant impact.

"The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will show people a more relaxed side during their time in Nigeria," Riaz predicts, suggesting that traditional royal protocols might take a back seat this time around.

Forget about private press events on the plane or the usual pomp and circumstance of flag-raising ceremonies. Harry and Meghan are rewriting the rulebook, opting instead for a visit that prioritizes meaningful engagement over formalities.

A different approach to the public

And when it comes to fashion, expect Meghan to step out in stunning outfits that defy the strict royal dressing codes, setting trends without following the official playbook.

May will mark a major milestone for the Invictus Games, an initiative started by Prince Harry back in 2014. Speaking with The Mirror, PR expert Mayah Riaz commented this:

"Undoubtedly, all eyes will be on Harry and Meghan during their trip to Nigeria. However, this won't be a traditional royal visit, and they intend to make it unique."

According to the PR expert, the couple is expected to steer clear of private press events on the plane and traditional welcoming ceremonies involving flag hosting, which are typically followed by the UK royal family even today.

"There will be no press on the plane with them nor will they be greeted with welcoming ceremonies such as military honours or flag-raising ceremonies, which are often usual with royal visits."

As the Sussexes prepare for their Nigerian adventure, all eyes will be on how they navigate this unique visit.

Also interesting:

"We can expect the outfits she wears to sell out but there will be no official protocol for her to follow. Harry will be dressed down wearing a casual look and not be in a suit for the duration of his trip."

With philanthropy and social causes at the heart of their journey, Harry and Meghan are set to make a lasting impression, one that celebrates their personal connections and shared values with the people of Nigeria