• Prince Harry changes his country of residence
  • In Newly unveiled paperwork
  • Amidst royal shake-up

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has officially declared the United States as his new home base, leaving behind his royal roots and a whirlwind of controversy in the UK. The paperwork, spotted at the UK's Companies House for Harry's environmental tourism initiative, Travalyst, marks June 6, 2023, as the date of this monumental change. But why the move, and why now?

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Harry and Meghan's journey beyond the royal residence

Remember Frogmore Cottage? That quaint royal residence in Windsor that Harry and Meghan called home before jetting off to the States? Well, it turns out the couple has been asked to vacate the premises, a spokesperson revealed in March 2023. After splurging $3 million on renovations (which they later reimbursed), the Sussexes' ties to their UK base are officially cut. But not without a trip down memory lane, as Meghan reminisced about packing up their lives and the memories made at Frogmore in the Netflix series 'Harry & Meghan.'

Since their royal step back, Harry and Meghan have embraced their new life in Montecito, Santa Barbara, with open arms and no regrets. Harry, in a candid moment, shared his love for the American way of life, though he's not rushing to grab a US passport just yet. And as for Meghan, despite her struggles with the UK's citizenship exam, she's found her voice and platform in the US, continuing to make waves with her podcast, 'Archetypes.'

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