• Princess Catharina-Amalia makes shimmering debut
  • She debuts at first ever state banquet 
  • Alongside European royalty

In a night filled with glitter and glamour at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam, Princess Catharina-Amalia, the 20-year-old heir to the Dutch throne, marked a significant milestone. For the first time, she participated in a state visit, and oh, did she make it memorable! Wearing the Ruby Peacock parure, she wasn't just a participant; she was a vision of future royalty.

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Tiara talk: Catharina-Amalia's sparkling moments

It's not every day you see a princess don a tiara, but for Catharina-Amalia, it was her fourth tiara moment, and she owned it! From her first tiara appearance at Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway's gala to dazzling in a sapphire tiara at Prince Christian's dinner, Catharina-Amalia knows how to make a royal statement.

Spain s King Felipe VI (2L), Spanish Queen Letizia (L) , Netherlands King William Alexander (2R), Netherlands Queen Maxi

The state visit wasn't just about tiaras and gowns. It was a significant diplomatic event, with King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain being the guests of honor. From elegant receptions to laying wreaths at the National Monument, the visit was a blend of formal duties and high fashion. Queen Letizia's green tweed dress and Queen Maxima's all-red ensemble by Natan were just some of the fashion highlights.

This event was more than just a dazzling display of royal jewels; it was Princess Catharina-Amalia stepping firmly into her role as the future queen. With grace and confidence, she navigated her first state visit, signaling her readiness for the responsibilities that lie ahead.

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