• Prince Harry reveals who was mean to him
  • The news is a big part of his book 'Spare'
  • THIS is what he said

In a bombshell revelation that's sent shockwaves through the corridors of Buckingham Palace and beyond, Prince Harry has finally opened up about the origins of his somewhat controversial nickname, 'spare'. Sometimes your own family can be your worst enemy in the palace.

The Heir and the 'Spare': A Royal Nicknaming

Fans and foes alike were left agog when the title of his explosive memoir hinted at royal resentments simmering beneath the surface. Now, the prince himself has confirmed that the moniker was indeed a paternal gift, courtesy of none other than King Charles himself!

In a candid excerpt from his book, Prince Harry recounts a telling moment shortly after his birth. "Wonderful! Now you've given me an heir and a spare - my work is done," were the words King Charles allegedly greeted his second son with, setting the stage for a lifetime of feeling like a royal afterthought.

This revelation has reignited discussions about the pressures and pigeonholes within the royal family, with Harry's role as the 'spare' to his elder brother, Prince William, being scrutinized like never before.

But it's not all palace intrigue and sibling rivalry. Amidst revelations and recriminations, there's a poignant subplot unfolding. Prince Harry is on a mission to mend fences, starting with his ailing father, King Charles.

Despite past tensions, Harry's upcoming trip to England—primarily for his charity work with the Invictus Games—is said to have a deeply personal first agenda item: reconnecting with his father.

Royal insiders whisper of Harry's hopes to "build bridges" and recapture some semblance of familial harmony, even as he prepares to navigate the complexities of his relationship with Prince William and the shadow of Kate Middleton's recent health scare.

Meanwhile, efforts to thaw the frosty relations between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family continue, albeit with mixed success.

While Prince William and Kate Middleton are reportedly keen to bury the hatchet, sources suggest Meghan Markle's lingering grievances pose a significant barrier to reconciliation. The Duchess of Sussex's demands for a royal mea culpa highlight the deep divides that still exist, despite the common ground of shared challenges and health scares.

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As the saga unfolds, royal watchers are left wondering: Can the Sussexes and the Windsors find their way back to each other, or are the scars of the past too deep to heal? Only time will tell, but one thing is clear—Prince Harry's journey from 'spare' to spearhead of change within the royal family is far from over.