• Today is Prince William birthday
  • William receives a rare honor
  • Westminster Abbey celebrates his 42nd birthday

Westminster Abbey, a symbol of British heritage, has long celebrated the birthdays of the royal family with its iconic bell ringing. Yet, recent times have seen a shift in this storied tradition. Due to financial strains exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Abbey has scaled back, now reserving this honor for a select few royals. Prince William, alongside King Charles, Queen Camilla, and Princess Kate, remains on this exclusive list, highlighting his pivotal role within the royal family.

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Celebrations amidst change

The Abbey's bells, which have marked joyous occasions from royal birthdays to the somber anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's death, rang out at 1 pm, signaling a moment of celebration amidst a period of transition for the monarchy. The Prince, alongside his family, was seen reveling in the festivities, with the royal family's official social media and various charities extending heartfelt birthday wishes.

Adding a personal touch to the celebrations, the Prince and Princess of Wales shared an enchanting photo of William with his three children, capturing a moment of pure joy. The image, taken by Kate (42), showcases the close-knit family in a candid leap of happiness, a testament to their bond and the love they share.

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