• King Frederik and Queen Mary's portraits unveiled
  • Since ascending the throne
  • They look stunning

The portraits, taken by renowned photographer Steen Evald, showcase the royal couple in their finest gala attire, complete with the prestigious Order of the Elephant. King Frederik strikes a commanding pose in the Navy's full dress uniform, while Queen Mary is the epitome of royal sophistication in a deep green gown adorned with lace sleeves and a high neck. But the real crown jewel? Queen Mary's historic debut of the Danish crown jewels in the portraits, adding a sparkle that could rival any 'Game of Thrones' ensemble!

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From the royal vault to the Green Room

Photographed in the opulent Green Room at Christiansborg Palace, these portraits mark a significant moment in Danish royal history. They were released in connection with the change of reign on Jan. 14, when Queen Margrethe abdicated, making her eldest son the new monarch. The images will grace state institutions and Danish vessels worldwide, a testament to the enduring legacy of Denmark's royal family.

Queen Mary's attire isn't just about royal fashion; it's a bridge between the past and present. Wearing the emerald set from the Danish crown jewels for the first time, she not only honors tradition but also sets a new standard for royal elegance. The set, dating back to 1840, is a symbol of Denmark's rich history and the royal family's commitment to preserving it.The Power Couple of Danish Royalty

Both King Frederik and Queen Mary wore the Order of the Elephant, Denmark’s highest honor of chivalry, with pride. King Frederik's attire included pieces of royal regalia dating back centuries, showcasing the deep-rooted history and significance of the Danish monarchy. At his side, a naval officer’s saber belonging to his late grandfather, symbolizing the continuity of legacy and honor.

A royal legacy continues

The change of reign was a historic moment for Denmark, with Queen Margrethe becoming the first Danish sovereign to voluntarily abdicate in nearly 900 years. This transition not only elevated King Frederik and Queen Mary but also reshaped the future of the Danish royal family, setting the stage for a new era of leadership and legacy.

For those enchanted by the splendor of royalty and the allure of high fashion, King Frederik and Queen Mary's latest portraits are a mesmerizing glimpse into the world of modern monarchy, blending tradition with the timeless appeal of a saga as epic as Game of Thrones.

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