• Kelly Rowland walked out of a 'Today' show taping
  • There was dressing room drama involved
  • HERE is what we know

What's the real story behind the diva's dramatic exit?

Last week, the 'Today Show' set was buzzing with more than just morning coffee when Kelly Rowland, the beloved Destiny's Child star, graced the set to promote her Netflix debut, 'Mea Culpa.' 

Beyoncé Who? Rowland's Interview Ruffles Feathers

But what was meant to be a routine celebrity appearance turned into a tabloid treasure trove when Rowland's dissatisfaction with her dressing room led to a no-show for her guest hosting gig!

During her sit-down with Savannah Guthrie, eyebrows raised when the conversation took a turn towards Beyoncé, Rowland's superstar bestie. Fans could sense the tension, but little did they know, the real drama was unfolding behind the scenes.

As the fourth hour ticked by, viewers were left asking, "Where's Kelly?" Instead, pop sensation Rita Ora filled in, flaunting her new bob and leaving fans and hosts alike in the lurch.

A source spilled to 'Page Six' that Rowland and her team were far from pleased with the "large closet" they were offered, sparking their sudden exit.

With whispers of greenroom envy in the air, it was revealed that J.Lo's presence on the show might have played a part in the dressing room debacle. Could it be that the "Jenny from the Block" star snagged the prime prep space?

In a turn of events, Rowland found solace in Sherri Shepherd's show, praising the host for her "light, positive energy." It seems Shepherd's set was the oasis Rowland needed after the 'Today Show' storm.

Hoda Kotb extended an olive branch, expressing her adoration for Rowland and inviting her back with open arms, even offering to share her own dressing room. A touching gesture from the seasoned host, but will it be enough to mend fences?

Also interesting:

Yvette Noel-Schure, Rowland's rep, added to the intrigue with a statement highlighting Rowland's kindness but leaving us hanging on the details. The plot thickens, and fans are left craving the inside scoop.

In a surprising twist, Rita Ora's impromptu co-hosting performance won over the crowd, proving that sometimes, the show must go on, no matter the backstage drama.