Hannah Brown's journey to find love came to a dramatic end last night as she decided who had her heart. Hannah looks back at her time as Bachelorette and the two remaining men, Jed and Tyler pick out rings from Neil Lane. We think Hannah is ready to make her final decision but she asked to stop the car and gets out having a little tumble saying she "can't do this". 

Hannah Brown Rejects Tyler

When Hannah finally pulls herself together, the first car pulls up and Tyler gets out (SO sad). He begins to tell Hannah how much she means to him and how he's so madly in love when Hannah interrupts him to say that she loves someone else. Tyler handles the break up like an absolute gentleman saying that he's still going to be her biggest fan. 

The Bachelorette: Hannah and Jed get engaged

Hannah prayed for clarity and Jed is what she found. Jed steps out of the car with a guitar in hand (of course) and the two exchange romantic words to each other before Jed gets down on one knee and Hannah says yes. Hannah gives him her final rose and they seem to be incredibly happy in Greece where they celebrate their engagement. 

Jed will "face the music"

Cut to Chris Harrison back with the live studio audience where he says that Jed is "about to face the music". Hannah learns that Jed was with another girl named Haley Stevens one week before coming on the show from Jed after their engagement. She also read the interview that Haley gave to People Magazine which seemed to be a whole other side to the story. 

We get to see Hannah and Jed have a conversation where things are revealed that make Hannah feel like she made the wrong choice. She ultimately takes off her ring even though Jed keeps saying "I'm sorry" and that he "knew it was a mistake". We cant even imagine the heartbreak that Hannah is feeling and the betrayal from someone she thought was the one. Hannah talks about how she feels this whole experience was taken away from her because of his lies. 

Hannah and Jed in the hot seat

Hannah and Jed join Chris in the hot seat live last night. Hannah admits that things have been really difficult for her but that she's come out stronger because of this and that she's proud of the woman she is today. Jed comes out and apologizes to Hannah and Bachelor Nation and says that he was acting out of fear because he was scared to lose her. Hannah appreciates his apology and handles the whole situation with grace. 

Jed says that he is still in love with Hannah and that he will always love her. Hannah says that her feelings have changed because her trust was broken. That's the end of that, see ya Jed. 

The Bachelorette: Tyler and Hannah Reunite

Tyler comes out next to see Hannah for the first time since the rejected proposal. Hannah says that her feelings for Tyler didn't just go away and Tyler says that he's excited to see Hannah again. They seem to still have very clear feelings for each other and Hannah asks Tyler is he wants to go get a drink with her and he's up for it. 

It wasn't quite the ending we expected, however, we can hope that everything works out for Hannah and Tyler and that maybe they get their second chance at love! Cheers to a great season, Alabama Hannah and we wish you nothing but the best!