• The Young and the Restless is a popular soap opera
  • It's been on the air for many many years
  • Take a look back at what the start of the show looked like

The Young and the Restless's first episode aired March 26, 1973. The first episodes of the series aired in 30-minute intervals and were much different than the hour-long drama-filled event audiences have become used to today. 

The series' pilot kicks off with a mysterious man, "Brad Elliot" (played by Tom Hallick), arriving in the small town of Genoa City. Little does "Brad" and the town know, but his arrival would kick off decades' worth of drama. 

The Young And The Restless First Episode

Tom Hallick and Brenda Dickson in 2009

In Young and the Restless's first episode, today's viewers may not recognize the original characters as many of them were written off in the 1980s. A lot of the casting change occurred due to the show switching to an hour-long format. 

While a lot has changed since the show first aired, one character has stayed with the show since its very beginning—"Jill Foster Abbott".

The Young And The Restless Today

Young and the Restless cast

The Young and the Restless's very first episode started a character who fans still know and love today, "Jill Foster Abbott". The actresses who have played the queen of the series have changed over the years but "Jill's" personality is still as dramatic today as it was in the first episode.

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