• King Charles hands over military role to William
  • The King praises his son in ceremony
  • At the airfield at Middle Wallop

In the picturesque setting of Middle Wallop, Hampshire, a significant moment unfolded for the British Royal Family and the Army Air Corps. Prince William officially stepped into his new role as Colonel-in-Chief, a position previously held by his father, King Charles, for over three decades. The ceremony was not just a formal handover but a testament to the enduring bond between father and son, and their shared commitment to the armed forces.

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King Charles: A proud father

The King couldn't hide his pride as he addressed the gathering, his voice tinged with emotion. "The great thing is he's a very good pilot indeed," he said, his words not just of a sovereign, but of a father boasting about his son's prowess. This personal touch added a layer of warmth to the proceedings, making it clear that for Charles, this was more than just a military tradition; it was a father passing on a legacy to his son.


The day was filled with memorable moments: from Charles and William sharing a laugh, a symbol of their easy camaraderie, to the King's moving speech that captured his deep connection with the Army Air Corps. The highlight, however, was the handing over of the regiment's beret and stable belt to William in front of an Apache helicopter, a nod to his and the Corps' illustrious past.

A blow to Harry?

The ceremony also cast a shadow on Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, who once served in the Army Air Corps. The decision to appoint William to this role was seen by some as a slight to Harry, adding another layer of intrigue to the royal narrative.

William, donning the Army Air Corps uniform and beret, looked every inch the part as he carried out his first engagement with the regiment. From inspecting aircraft to speaking with soldiers, the Prince of Wales embraced his new military role with the same dedication and grace that has characterized his public life.

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As the King and Prince William posed for photographs with service personnel, it was clear that this was more than just a change of titles. It was a moment of unity, pride, and hope for the future. The Army Air Corps, with its rich history and challenging future, couldn't ask for a better advocate than Prince William, a man who not only understands the skies but also the weight of the legacy he now carries.