• Roger Moore was "James Bond" seven times
  • 1985 was his last film in character
  • THIS is why he got out

In 1973, Roger Moore (†89) slipped into the cult role of "James Bond" for the first time in 'Live and Let Die'. He portrayed the infamous "Agent 007" for a total of seven films, making himself and absolute household name all over the world in the process. In 1985, he appeared in 'In the Face of Death' for the last time as "James Bond" in film. But why exactly did he drop out? After all, Moore was incredibly successful in the role.

Roger knew when it was time to go

When the film was released, Roger Moore was already in his late 50s and that seemed to be the reason for his inevitable "Bond" exit. "I became very conscious that I was getting long in the tooth to play the great lover…I was 57 in the last one.", Moore told Entertainment Weekly. 

The age difference with his co-stars really started to weigh heavy on him as well. "It wasn’t because of the physical stuff as I could still play tennis for two hours a day and do a one-hour workout every morning. Physically I was okay, but facially I started looking…well, the leading ladies were young enough to be my granddaughter and it becomes disgusting." That seems to be as good a reason as any in our book!

Roger Moore and Tanya Roberts in "James Bond" (1985)

Tanya Roberts, who played the role of "Stacey Sutton" in Moore's last film, was almost 30 years younger than the actor. His separation from "James Bond", however, did not put a stop to Roger Moore's career. Even after that, he continued to appear in a wide variety of productions. In 2017, the actor died at the age of 89 as a result of his ongoing battle with cancer.

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The role of "James Bond" is unquestionably one of the biggest in the history of the cinema. To this day, the iconic superspy continues to draw people into the theatres. Actors like Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig has since taken over...but many can refute that there was nobody quite like Roger Moore.