2020 Oscars: The Full List Of Winners

The winners were crowned on Hollywood's biggest night!

2020 Oscars: The Full List Of Winners

The 2020 Oscars ceremony produced many unexpected winners and performances! Celebrities and filmmakers alike were caught off-guard throughout the night, leading to many memorable reactions and moments. 

Join us as we look at the 5 most memorable moments and reactions from the 2020 Oscars!

5. Janelle Monáe gets the stars to sing with her

Singer and actress Janelle Monáe led off the 2020 Oscars with a huge performance number. Eventually the singer headed into the crowd, where she had the stars in the first few rows participate in the song.

(She enters the crowd around the 3:40 minute mark!)

Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brie Larson sing with Janelle Monáe

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4. The audience reacts to Eminem's "Lose Yourself"

Eminem's unannounced performance of "Lose Yourself" was one of the highlights of the 2020 Oscars. Much of the audience enjoyed his performance, even singing along with the classic hip-hop track.

Crowd montage featuring Idina Menzel, Zazie Beetz, Kelly Marie Tran and more

3. Billie Eilish isn't a fan of seeing herself on-screen

Billie Eilish attended the 2020 Oscars and performed "Yesterday" by the Beatles during the ceremony's "In Memoriam" segment. She took in the rest of the show from the crowd, where she was occasionally shown on-screen.

While Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig broke into song during their presentation, the singer took notice of her own image on-screen. Judging by her reaction, she was none too pleased with her close-up!

Billie Eilish's reaction to her Oscars close-up

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2. Martin Scorsese reacts to Eminem's performance of "Lose Yourself"

While most of the crowd went along with Eminem's performance of "Lose Yourself," Martin Scorsese's reaction to the song went particularly viral during the show! 

The director was caught on-camera squinting and closing his eyes during "Lose Yourself." Maybe it was the flashing lights, or maybe the 77-year-old Scorsese just isn't much of a hip-hop fan!

Martin Scorsese reacts (or doesn't) to "Lose Yourself"

1. Bong Joon-ho can't hide his love for his Oscar trophy

Bong Joon-ho and Parasite were the big winners of the 2020 Oscars, taking home the awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best International Film, and Best Original Screenplay.

Director Bong Joon-ho also endeared himself with the crowd during his each of appearances onstage. But during Parasite's first win on the night, for Best Original Screenplay, the filmmaker couldn't contain his happiness onstage!

While his Parasite cowriter, Han Jin-won, thanked the crowd, Bong Joon-ho was caught joyfully smiling and laughing at the sight of his Oscar.

Bong Joon-ho's adores his Oscar for Best Original Screenplay

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And an honourable mention from Taika Waititi!

This moment wasn't actually seen on the Oscars' live broadcast, but it was captured by actress Brie Larson. Larson shared a clip of Jojo Rabbit director Taika Waititi subtly placing his Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay beneath the seat in front of him!

Waititi cast a glance Larson's way when she caught him in the act.

Taika Waititi stows away his Oscar trophy

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