• The Super Bowl is coming up
  • Rihanna performed at half-time last time
  • We look back on the strangest ever performances

Starting our list is: 5, Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye (1995). Produced by Disney to coincide with the opening of the Disneyland ride, the show included a snake, fire effects and Tony Bennett. Then things got weirder.

The Super Bowl can get weird

4. The Blues Brothers Without John Belushi (1997). Belushi had been dead for more than ten years. His brother, Jim, joined Dan Aykroyd to headline the show.

Also interesting:

3. , "Something Grand" (1988). The 1988 show included 88 pianists on grand pianos, 300 Jazzercisers, 400 swing band performers and Chubby Checker...

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