Sports entertainment and music entertainment have never been as well mixed as they are in the Super Bowl! It is a football sports event held by the NFL on an annual basis, in which two teams play the final game of the championship. This great American event is mainly characterized by giving life to a great musical show every year! Which has gone on to make the Super Bowl one of the programs with the biggest audience in the United States every year. 

The Super Bowl is held on the first Sunday of February and has been held since 1967.

The Super Bowl halftime show

One of the great attractions of the Super Bowl is the musical show that takes place right in the middle of the game, which has become the great center of attention of the audience, including those who do not like the game very much. Some historic performances that have occurred at the Super Bowl halftime include artists and bands such as: 

  • Michael Jackson (Super Bowl XXVII)
  • U2 (Super Bowl XXXVI)
  • Paul McCartney (Super Bowl XXXIX)
  • The Rolling Stones (Super Bowl XL)
  • Prince (Super Bowl XLI)
  • The Who (Super Bowl XLIV)
  • Madonna (XLVI)
  • Beyoncé (XLVII)
  • Katy Perry (XLIX)
  • Lady Gaga (LI)
  • Jennifer Lopez and Shakira (LIV)

Fun facts about the Super Bowl: 

  • It is one of the events that generate the most bets, which include offers such as the duration of the American national anthem, or the color of the rehydration drink that will be available. 
  • The most-watched halftime show in history has been headlined by Katy Perry in 2015, with 118.5 million viewers. 
  • During the Super Bowl, around 70 commercials are broadcast, which maintains a cost of around 5.6 million dollars for 30 seconds. 
  • Players who participate in the Super Bowl get a bonus on their salary even if it is the losing team.