• Beyoncé is hotter than ever
  • Only a heart hides the bare essentials
  • She announces new music

Superstar Beyoncé Knowles (42) made headlines during Super Bowl Sunday with the unveiling of her seductive new music cover. Jay-Z's wife has rarely been seen like this before.

Beyoncé more revealing than ever before

The single "Texas Hold 'Em" is part of a surprising double release. Beyoncé, who had already hinted at her musical rethink with country-inspired outfits, presented herself on the cover in a metallic bikini top and tiny, heart-shaped metal panties - fastened to a high belt. Talk about sexy!

She rounded off her look with a dark cropped jacket and a black cowboy hat and posed with one hand on her hat and the other on her thigh.

The cover is part of the country album, which is due to be released on March 29. Beyoncé also shared the black and white cover of the second single "16 Carriages". Here she can be seen in a western shirt and a cowboy hat.

Shortly after the release of the singles, Beyoncé revealed that the second act of her 'Renaissance' album will be released in March. The first part of the album was already released in 2022.

In an Instagram clip, she drives through the desert and gives a taste of the new sound of "Texas Hold 'Em". At the end of the clip, you can see a billboard showing her with wavy blonde hair and a red bikini and cowboy hat.

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The announcement of the new music was also made in a Super Bowl commercial, for which Beyoncé reportedly received 30 million dollars. In the one-minute commercial, the icon ran through various personas in an attempt to "blow up" the internet with exaggerated performances. 

Beyoncé's 319 million Instagram fans were thrilled with the announcement of the new music and joked that they were now country fans.