• Kanye West has snapped back at rumors
  • He was allegedly blocked from attending the Super Bowl
  • Some believed Taylor Swift was responsible

Kanye West (44, rapper and fashion mogul) is hitting back at the gossip grapevine with full force! After whispers of a Super Bowl spat with Taylor Swift (32, singer-songwriter) made headlines, Kanye's spokesperson told 'Forbes', "This is a completely fabricated rumor. It is not true." That's right, folks – it looks like the drama dial was cranked to eleven with no real signal!

The Rumor Mill in Overdrive

It all started when Brandon Marshall (38, former NFL player) dished out a juicy tidbit on the 'I Am Athlete's Paper Route' podcast. He claimed Kanye donned a mask bearing his logo and cozied up in a seat right in front of Taylor's Super Bowl suite.

According to Marshall, Swift was none too pleased, and with a couple of calls, Kanye was allegedly shown the door. But Kanye's team is calling foul on this play!

As the story goes, Taylor Swift was there rooting for her beau, Travis Kelce (33, NFL star), and the Kansas City Chiefs. But has she thrown a flag on this rumor? E! News reached out, but Swift's reps are keeping mum. The silence is deafening!

Also interesting:

It's obvious there's no love lost between them! Remember the infamous Grammy speech where Kanye took the mic from Taylor?

So what's the takeaway from this celeb clash that wasn't? It's a reminder that not all that glitters in the gossip world is gold. Kanye's rep has made it clear – this tale is more fiction than fact. And until Swift's squad sings a different tune, we're calling this case closed!