Jorge Nava's Instagram Post.

90 Day Fiancé's Jorge And Anfisa's Rocky Road

Whoa! Jorge Nava is a free man! Free from jail and free from Anfisa!

During his time on 90 Day Fiancé Jorge Nava had moved his Russian romance to the US to be with him. He had become highly successful in the medical marijuana business but had misled Anfisa about exactly how much money he made and could provide for her.

Anfisa made it clear she was in the relationship to be financially "taken care of" and Jorge was with her because she is beautiful. Anfisa's scarily controlling nature, often clashed with Jorge and his family when she would scream at him, key his car, or reset his cell phone remotely. 

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Somehow the two stayed together until Jorge was sentenced to major prison time when he pled guilty to felony marijuana possession in September 2018. The two made YouTube videos explaining that they would stay together and Anfisa would support him while he served his time, but eventually we saw photos of her with another man. 

Anfisa Arkhipchenko Instagram photo.

90 Day Fiancé's Jorge Nava Released From Prison Early!

Before his release, he shared a message with fans thanking them for their support and a photo of the almost 130-pound weight loss! Now he was released early! He was not supposed to see freedom until September of this year, but now he is out! He has posted to Instagram a picture of him leaning against his glamorous white Corvette with the caption "The Sky is the limit #Freedom."

He updated fans on the show 90 Day Fiancé: Self Quarantined and explained his situation in detail. The two may still be legally married, but they are not together. "Probably about two months after I was in prison, she basically told me that she couldn't be with me anymore. She wishes I got 12 years in prison, basically trying to get rid of me. We still talked on the phone. I tried to work on the relationship no matter what. I tried."

After all this Jorge is still open to finding love but it is not his priority anymore, instead, he said: "I feel like love is the least of my priorities because I just have to get my life together and make sure I'm good as a person before I'm able to give somebody else something." Jorge explained how lonely and boring prison was, especially during the COVID-19 scare so he is incredibly relieved to be out, back with his friends and family.

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Congratulations, Jorge! Enjoy life as a free man!