• Heidi Klum's figure is a dream
  • She works hard for it
  • Does she also have an unhealthy diet?

Models often have to hear that they don't eat enough. Model mom Heidi Klum (50) is now vehemently defending herself against this accusation in her Instagram story.

Heidi Klum: The rumour mill is spinning

Rumours are currently circulating online that Heidi Klum is allegedly on a 900-calorie diet. "I don't remember ever having to count my calories in my life," Heidi reacts indignantly to the rumours in her story.

"Don't believe everything you read. I do not count my calories," she continues. Heidi Klum likes to prove on her Instagram account that the mother of four has an incredible figure.

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Heidi Klum apparently has no radical diet to thank for her fitness!