• Prince William, the future king of England, and soccer legend David Beckham are good friends
  • William and Beckham have known each other for almost two decades
  • Their friendship is a high-powered alliance that continues to impress

And that includes their friendships. Soccer superstar David Beckham happens to be great friends with the Windsors. And with Prince William in particular. Their friendships started many years ago and has carried on to this day!. It all began in 2010 when Beckham was promoting England's bid for the upcoming World Cup...

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Prince William And David Beckham Have One Of The Most High-Profile Friendships Ever!

Prince William & Prince Harry Meet David Beckham In 2018 World Cup Bid

Prince William and Prince Harry were there and met "Becks", who was a personal hero of theirs. When William visited the United States with Kate Middleton in 2011, David Beckham was one of the guests of honor at his reception dinner. Beckham was playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy at the time and made the short trip over to see his friend again...

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