• Prince William and Duchess Kate visited Glasgow, Scotland on May 11
  • The couple stopped by the University of Glasgow as well as a neighbourhood Kinnishead
  • There they embraced loyal Royal fans

Prince William is breaking some rules just like his mother Princess Diana! The Duke of Cambridge shared a sweet moment with an elderly resident during his latest trip to Glasgow.

Prince William breaks tradition

For those that may not be familiar with the Royal traditions and rules, while shaking hands is OK, it's looked down upon to touch Royal members of the family, especially giving them a warm embrace.

But, like his mother before him, Prince William knows some rules are meant to be broken!

Prince William hugs an emotional resident, during a visit to the Wheatley Group in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Kate Middleton and Prince William hit up Glasgow this week to discuss many different topics, including heading to the University to enjoy some time with its students.

The goal was to open up with the residents of Glasgow, particularly the students that are in the middle of exam week, about mental health, as May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

Following the touching talk, Prince William and Kate headed on over to a Glaswegian community, Kinnishead, to speak with its residents.

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Upon being greeted by the citizens of the humble community, there was one man who was overcome with emotion. 66-year-old William Burns had a moment with the Prince that changed his life.

Prince William gave Burns a hug, which is traditionally not allowed. The sweet moment was quickly captured, and residents were thrilled at the openness of the Royal couple.

Additionally, Prince William and Kate Middleton also visited the Wheatly Group, an organization in Glasgow that ensures resources are available to vulnerable residents of Scotland's busy city. The group provides options to prevent homelessness.