• Prince William opens new memorial
  • The royal shares some touching words
  • William looks as if he is about to cry

Prince William found himself fighting back tears during a recent public appearance. He and his wife Duchess Kate were in Manchester on Tuesday to open a memorial to the victims of the terrorist attack during an Ariana Grande concert in 2017.

22 people died in the attack and hundreds made it out with serious injuries. William was close to tears during his speech at the Glade of Light memorial. "I remember only too well the shock and grief on the faces of those I met when I visited Manchester in the days following the atrocity," he explained.

Prince William close to tears during his speech

Prince William also seemed to think of his own mother when he spoke about the mourning for the many victims. He himself knows that all the pain has not yet passed and that the bereaved want to hold on to the memories of their loved ones. "There is comfort in remembering. In acknowledging that, while taken horribly soon, they lived," the prince said in his speech.

"They were loved, and they are loved," he continued, visibly moved. "It is why memorials such as the Glade of Light are so important." William, who just unveiled a statue of his late mother last year, knows how important such places are. "A memorial is a physical statement that the memory of those who died lives on," he said. "It is a focal point for commemoration and reflection. A place of solace for the families, the injured and all those affected."

Duchess Kate and Prince William at the Glade of Light Memorial

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During his speech, he also repeatedly spoke on behalf of his wife, who was also moved to tears. "Catherine and I know that the effects of such an atrocity will last a lifetime and beyond, and that the healing process is not yet complete," William said.

"We want to reassure anyone who is struggling with this that our thoughts are with you. We stand by you on this difficult path," the heir to the throne concluded. This was certainly one of the hardest appearances for William in his career, because it will likely have reminded him of his mother Lady Diana.

The royal also had to say goodbye to his beloved mother far too early, who died in a tragic car accident at the age of 36. At that time, Prince William was only 15 years old, and is therefore be able to empathize well with the people who lost their loved ones in this terrible attack.