Diana Frances
Princess of Wales
Known as
Lady Di, Princess of Wales, The People's Princess
Zodiac sign
July 01, 1961
Date of death
August 31, 1997
Prince William, Prince Harry

During her lifetime Diana achieved the status of a media icon and became so popular worldwide that she was at times considered the most famous and most photographed woman in the world. 

Princess Diana: Life and Death

During the 1980s Diana had supported numerous charity projects such as the British AIDS Aid. 

The marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles ultimately failed and the official separation was announced in 1992. The scandals of the 1990s resulting from Diana's and Charles' conflict caused considerable damage to the British monarchy. With the divorce in 1996, Diana lost her rank as Royal Highness, but remained a member of the British Royal Family.

After her divorce from Prince Charles, she was committed to the abolition of landmines and continued to devote herself to disadvantaged people.

Prince William and Princess Diana Happy

"The visits I made as a child to this place left a deep and lasting impression upon me"

Prince William is the new patron of a charity he first visited with Princess Diana

On the night of August 31st, 1997, the car in which Diana was sitting with her then companion Dodi Al-Fayed collided with a pillar in the car tunnel under the Place de l'Alma in Paris.

Diana died as a result of the internal injuries she suffered from the crash. The news of her death triggered a worldwide wave of shock and compassion. The event had devastating consequences for the reputation of the royal family, whose members were subjected to massive criticism because of their heartless countenance.

Despite protocol, a public funeral ceremony was organized for Diana on September 6th, 1997 in view of the overwhelming grief among the population.