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Prince Charles

Prince Charles
Prince Charles

Prince Charles is the first-born son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. He is the heir to the throne of Great Britain and the father of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Prince Charles was born as the first child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in 1948. He will follow his mother's footsteps to become the King of England.                                                                                                                      

As a child, Prince Charles was sent to prestigious private schools and received private tutoring at Buckingham Palace. Charles also studied archaeology and anthropology. He later joined the military, where he worked his way up to several five-star ranks.

Prince Charles: Siblings and Wife

Prince Charles has three younger siblings: Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. However, he is the first in the British line of succession to the throne and if he becomes King, he will be much more visible in the public eye. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles became a couple in 2000, their wedding took place in 2005 after the divorce law, in 2002, allowed Charles to re-marry after his marriage to Lady Diana. There were no big royal guests at the ceremony. 

Prince Charles: Lady Diana

Prince Charles is still associated with his marriage to Lady Diana (†36). He married Prince Harry and Prince William's mother in 1981, but their marriage was marked by scandals.                                                                                  

Prince Charles cheated on Princess Diana with his present wife Camilla and was forced to admit this by a book of revelations. Diana and Charles officially separated in 1992 and their divorce took place in August 1996. A year later Diana died in Paris in a tragic car accident.


•Prince Charles was the first British Royal to graduate from university.
•Prince Charles sent Ozzy Osbourne a bottle of Scotch as a gift in 2003. Ozzy is an alcoholic, which is why his wife Sharon was not exactly pleased with the gift.
•Prince Charles sleeps naked.