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Prince George

Prince George.
George Alexander Louis
Known as
Prince George of Cambridge
July 22, 2013
Zodiac sign

George is the first born son of Prince William and Duchess Kate. 

He is third in line for the British throne and expected to be King someday. 

Even before the birth of the heir to the throne, it was expected that it would generate a lot of money mainly through tourism, souvenir sales and birth-related festivities. In response to growing public interest, the Museum of London opened an exhibition dedicated to royal children's clothing on June 28th, 2013. Weeks before the birth, journalists from around the world gathered in front of the hospital where the birth of Prince George was expected.

Prince George has already been to Australia and New Zealand and sometimes joins his parents for official appointments. 

He is now the older brother of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. He is going to school and has shown an interest in soccer and tennis.

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George is the first born son of Prince William and Duchess Kate. 
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