• The King's coronation is coming up
  • What role will Prince George play?
  • Experts speculate the little royal's part

Prince George will have an undetermined role in the coronation

It is customary for children to participate somewhat in coronation ceremonies. But it would be unusual for such a young royal to take on such an important role in front of an audience of millions.

"It would be a break with tradition if he played an active role," Dr. George Gross, a theologian at King's College, London, told the 'Express'.

"He could act as a kind of pageboy. But since there's nothing formal, they would create something - not a new role, he would do something that somebody else might have done, like wear a robe. I don't think it would be anything more," Gross continued.

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However, other experts already assume that Prince George, as future king, will have a "prominent official role," reports 'The Times'.

Prince George is also not to be given a completely new "role" in the ceremony due to time constraints. Charles' coronation is not expected to last as long as Queen Elizabeth II's in 1953, which went three hours.