• Charles III is sick
  • William could take the throne
  • THIS could mean trouble for Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry is the Duke of Sussex, he has two children, Archie and Lilibet, with his wife Duchess Meghan. Would anything change for the family? When Elizabeth was Queen, she gave titles to many people upon their marriage, including Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, who received the then-available titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

This is what is likely

For this reason, even if Prince William becomes king, he would not be able to deprive Prince Harry of the title. However, if William becomes king, he could permanently cut off Harry's relationship with the British royals. As William's children grew up, Harry and Meghan had children of their own and Harry slowly fell into obscurity as an outsider to the royal family.

Also interesting:

According to 'People', Prince Harry was stripped of his Royal Highness (HRH) title in August 2023, losing much of his influence. He is also no longer allowed to wear his military uniform on official occasions - something that was very important to him since he had served in the military for ten years...

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