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Duchess Catherine

These Are The 12 Most Bizarre Rumors About Duchess Catherine
These Are The 12 Most Bizarre Rumors About Duchess Catherine.

Duchess Kate is the wife of Prince William. They met in 2002 and their wedding took place nine years later. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as her full name is, has three children with William. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Duchess Catherine and Prince William met in 2001 at university, where they lived together in a student flat in their second year. Their love story was not always easy, as they separated for a few months in 2007.                                

After Duchess Kate and Prince William married in 2011, it took some time until their first baby was born. Their son Prince George was born on July 22nd, 2013, their daughter Princess Charlotte on May 2nd, 2015. Their third child,Prince Louis, has been in the world since April 23rd, 2018.

Duchess Kate: Children with Prince William

Duchess Kate and Prince Williams' children are attracting a great deal of media interest. The entrance of St. Mary's Hospital, where Kate gave birth to Prince George and Prince Louis, was full of media reporters and cameras.Duchess Catherine suffered some discomfort throughout her pregnancies with all three children. This in turn prevented her from attending official appointments for the first few months of her pregnancies.

Duchess Kate: Dresses and appearance

Duchess Kate's wedding dress is not the only thing that caused a stir. Catherine's choice of dress has been a point of interest to the people and the media for years. She is regarded as a fashionable royal who is also increasingly wearing inexpensive clothes, for example a fifty euro dress from Zara to different events. 

Kate, like her husband Prince William, is strongly committed to bringing people's mental health to the forefront and ending the stigma surrounding mental health. She also launched a campaign to raise the profile of nurses. Duchess Kate's grandmother and great-grandmothers were volunteer nurses. 


 • The "Kate Middleton Effect" describes the fact that the Duchess's clothes are sold out within a very short time after she wears them to an event.
 • Duchess Kate was 29 years old at her wedding, making her the oldest bride at a British royal wedding until Duchess Meghan took over that title. She was 36 on the day of her wedding. 

 • As a young child, Duchess Kate lived in Jordan in the 1980s as her parents worked in the Middle East.
 • One of Duchess Kate's biggest fans is Madonna. She described Kate 2011 as "a lovely girl with a great sense of style".
 • Duchess Kate is very athletic. She plays hockey and tennis, as well as skis.