• Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilee celebrations start soon
  • Prince Harry and Prince William should meet there
  • Will their reunion actually happen?

In June, the whole world will be looking at the British royals again. On the one hand, the Queen celebrates her 70th throne anniversary. On the other hand, Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan and their children will visit London.

It's the first time the family of four will be in Harry's homeland together. Above all, fans eagerly await the meeting between Harry and his brother — but it looks like something could stand in the way.

Will William and Harry meet at the Queen's Jubilee?

Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate have the honour of representing the Queen as high-ranking members of the Royal Family. As such, they will lead Jubilee celebrations, which run from June 2–5. They'll be travelling all over the UK and will be in Wales. Could these travels jeopardize a reunion with Prince Harry?

Other family members will also represent the Queen around the UK. Her only daughter Princess Anne will be in Scotland, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie Wessex in Northern Ireland.

Also interesting:

Traveling to different parts of Britain is normal on such an anniversary. When exactly the trips of the royal family members will take place is still uncertain, as is William and Harry's reunion.

One thing is certain: the Trooping the Colour parade in London is on Thursday, June 2. As Prince Harry has already confirmed, he will attend together with Meghan, Archie and Lili.

For Lilibet Diana, it's the first trip to her father's homeland, and she will finally meet her great-grandmother, the Queen, for the first time.

However, the family is not invited to appear on the famous balcony, nor is Prince Andrew. Only working royals will be there, including Duchess Kate and Prince William.

Even if there is no public meeting of the entire Royal Family, one can assume that there will be a get-together for the special occasion of the Queen's 70th anniversary.