• Prince Charles attended the opening of Parliament
  • There he stood in for his mother Queen Elizabeth II
  • She has given up this honourable task just twice 

This was an unwelcome surprise: Queen Elizabeth, 96, had to cancel a super important appointment. Only twice in history has she missed the so-called "Queen's Speech" at the annual opening of Parliament. Those were during her pregnancies in 1959 and 1963.

Prince Charles at the opening of Parliament

Instead of the Queen herself, Prince Charles, 73, attended the opening of Parliament. He read his mother's speech in her absence. Next to him was the "Imperial State Crown," a crown of the monarch. She herself is said to have watched along on TV.

The heir to the throne sat in his seat with a sad expression. Prince Charles took over the task at the last minute from his mother, who has always placed great emphasis on the speech. The Queen's cancellation only increases concern — and it shows on her son's face.

Prince Charles at the State Opening of Parliament

At the same time, the current moment should bring joy to the British Royal Family. Finally, the celebrations of the 70th throne jubilee are just around the corner.

Also interesting:

Queen Elizabeth II is the British monarch with the longest term in office. But her deteriorating state of health is visibly saddening the mood.

At 96, the Queen is finally beginning to show signs of her age. In recent months, she has been dealing with several health and mobility problems, which have brought cancellations and concern from royal watchers.

Her Platinum Jubilee celebrations are now just three weeks away.