• The Queen's attendance at Parliament opening is mandatory
  • She gives the "Queen's Speech" there every year
  • The Queen's appearance has suddenly been cancelled

Queen Elizabeth II turned 96 this year and is celebrating her 70th jubilee on the throne. Due to health problems however, she has been forced to cancel more and more appointments in recent months. Now, the Queen only wants to make few public appearances for important events.

This includes her participation in the opening of Parliament, which will take place on May 10. There she usually gives the famous "Queen's Speech" every year, where she reads out the Prime Minister's government statement. However, it has come as a shock that the monarch canceled her appearance at short notice!

The Queen's mobility problems caused cancellation

Of course, the concern in the British royal family is great. This is also a worrying sign for royal fans and experts. Even before the Queen's cancellation, The Telegraph reported that there will be some changes to better support her comfort. She would have been driven by car and used the elevator instead of the stairs.

The Queen cancelled her last calls for this week

The reason for the Queen's cancellation is her ongoing mobility problems, according to palace spokesmen. Doctors are said to agree with the decision. Even if it has been known for a long time that the Queen has health problems, this news comes as quite a surprise.

Also interesting:

In the 70 years that Queen Elizabeth II has ruled, she has canceled the opening of Parliament only twice. The reason back then was her pregnancies. To ensure that someone from the royal family is still present at the event, the two heirs to the throne, Prince Charles and Prince William, will represent the Queen.