• The Queen recently moved to Windsor Castle
  • She lived at Buckingham Palace for over 65 years
  • Queen Elizabeth reportedly won't return to the Palace

For over 65 years, Queen Elizabeth lived at Buckingham Palace. The world-famous residence has long been known as the headquarters of the monarch.

However, that has changed in recent years. The Queen, 95, recently made the move to Windsor Castle, and she reportedly intends to make that her permanent home as she carries on in the years to come.

The Queen will call Windsor Castle home for good

What began as a COVID precaution will be the new normal for the Queen. She has lived in Windsor since March 2020, and it will remain her "permanent home and main residence" from now on, reports the Daily Mail.

Apparently, the Queen intends to follow more of a work-from-home approach to engagements and cut back on travel. And Windsor is where she'll do that.

In recent months, the 95-year-old has dealt with a range of health issues, including COVID-19, and family scandals. So it sounds like the new plan will better suit the long-serving Queen, as she finally shows a few signs of her age.

Also interesting:

The news follows a recent report that revealed Prince Charles intends to reside at Buckingham Palace when he's King.

Last month, Queen Elizabeth also endorsed the decision to make her son's wife Camilla the future Queen Consort.

So, expect the Queen to close out her reign at Windsor Castle. But Charles and Camilla should make Buckingham Palace the monarchy's HQ again.