• Duchess Kate is always stylish
  • She never takes off her coat in public
  • Here's why she follows that rule

Duchess Kate always looks fantastic at her appointments. The royal often recycles outfits and is always classically styled. These days, it's unusual to see her wear a low neckline or show a lot of leg.

Royals: Duchess Kate always wears a coat in winter

One thing that stands out about Duchess Kate's looks, especially in the colder months: the Duchess always wears a coat, which she never takes off when entering buildings. Why does Prince William's wife still wear her coat when she's not out in the cold?

It comes down to yet another royal rule. Apparently, an age-old royal tradition states that a woman should not take off her coat in a public setting.

According to Glamour, etiquette experts believe the act of removing one's coat is "unladylike." All that unbuttoning and peeling off is unacceptable. It should therefore not be done at important royal events.

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So, if you ever see Duchess Kate bundled up indoors, remember the rule. Recently, we also took a look at why Kate can't wear orange and why she can't wear nail polish.