• British royal family members have strange rules to abide by
  • Many of these rules date back to ancient traditions
  • Royal family members don't usually have the option to decline them

Here are the eight most bizarre regulations: Let's start with a fashionable one: #1 They must always have a black outfit in their suitcase. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, when traveling, members of the royal family must always take a black outfit with them...

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These Rules Are There For Good Reason!

The 8 Strangest Royal Rules

The reason is quite simple. Should there be a sudden or untimely death within the family, they would be prepared to address the situation immediately. Wearing black as quickly as possible to show their grief is customary of the royal family, and it's a tradition meant to signify the mourning of the entire nation. In this way, the royal family can pay their respects as quickly as possible.

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