• The Royal Family owns many residences
  • Prince Charles currently lives at Clarence House
  • This is where he'll live as King

Windsor, Buckingham, Kensington — the list goes on. The British royals have no shortage of houses and palaces. Prince Charles is currently living in Clarence House, which is just a few minutes from Buckingham Palace.

Will Prince Charles move to Buckingham Palace as King?

If he later becomes king, however, Prince Charles does not want to remain at Clarence House. Instead, he wants to move to Buckingham Palace with Duchess Camilla, an insider told the Daily Mail.

"There is no question about it. HRH's view is that you need a monarch at monarchy HQ. This has never been in doubt," according to the insider.

Previously, it was often reported that Prince Charles opposed living at Buckingham Palace — the typical home of the monarch — and hoped to make it more accessible to the public. But it appears he has changed his tune.

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Royal house swapping

For a long time, Queen Elizabeth II also believed that the regent should live in Buckingham Palace. It was only during COVID-19 that she moved her main residence to Windsor.

According to the Daily Mail, the Palace is currently undergoing extensive renovations, and the work won't be completed until 2027. Should Charles become king before then, he will likely conduct official business from his current home.

And what will happen to Windsor Castle when the Queen is gone? Insiders speculate that it could go to William and Kate. The two, who are rumoured to be moving at the moment, already own the Anmer Hall country estate, but they could lease it out.